Thank you, home, for existing. Thank you for your wide open empty spaces, though they are often weedy empty lots or marshy nothingnesses, they are blank places for the mind to rest in. Thank you for your shopping malls, though they are consumer gluetraps, they provide places for one to obtain gift certificates and two pairs of jeans in less than 20 minutes. And of course, thank you for your Wal-Mart, which we forded like a wilderness today, past the freezer cases of t.v. dinners and the long aisles of gardening supplies, past the linens, past the dishes, past the nail salon, through the sewing section. Wal-Mart: giver of our Christmas wishes.

After our shopping extravaganza, my sisters and I made Christmas cookies last night while drinking beer (Labatt’s Light and Yeungling) and listening to the Garden State soundtrack on Christina’s iPod. It feels good to be in the same general age bracket.

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