This is what it is, I think. Ok, this could change. But. For now. This is what it is.

My realization:

There’s no magic bullet, there’s no silver solution, there’s no formula for success because of the simple fact that things are always changing. You could never develop a recipe for a world that is always changing. You _can_ develop a recipe for mixing flour, salt and water to make pie dough. Because those things will not change. Unless there’s some altitude change. Or unless the humidity changes. Or. See?

I kept wanting someone to just tell me the answers. There was always an answer before, always a “way.” I felt like people were keeping secrets. How do you do it? Tell me The Way. There is no way, there is no answer in a book. I can’t flip to the back of the math book and look up the answers to the even problems. Because everything, the x’s and y’s are always changing.

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