This week has included..

The most interesting conversations with kids at my school. About their career ambitions, the Hebrew-Isrealite religion, the definitions of “a lame” and when it’s appropriate to say “no good…” I’ve played tic-tac-toe speed rounds, yanked the mice out of the computers because they wouldn’t stop playing music on them, had kids pound on my door like storm troopers, eaten flourescently cheesed nachos because they were a fundraiser for the cheerleading team, lugged two enormous crates of binders and notebooks home to grade, searched for apartments and failed miserably, felt miserably, ate at Trattoria Demi and remembered the blissfulness of cheese ravioli marinara, discussed the manifestations of poverty, called a student’s house and found out her brother had been shot 12 times over the weekend, and…. and… been going…. and going… and….

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