There are few things as wonderful as…

Presents way after your birthday. The present I got from Deanna, Jill and Sarah last week was a total surprise. I walked up to my door one day and there it was — a big-ass box with my name on it. A caveman voice resonated in my head: “Urrr?” I opened it find _another_ package, this one wrapped in cloth, and then inside _that_ was a basket of magically good things: Burt’s Bees bath stuff, peanut butter-filled pretzels, Pixy Stix, a scent-y candle, fuzzy comfy stripy socks, happy stationary…. It was, without a doubt, the most awesome thing ever. It came last week, when all was looking like hell on acid as I started at my new school.

Perhaps these things were meant to be a buffer for the rocky road.

Met someone last night who called my job “beautiful but crazy.” He just kept repeating those words over and over. Beautiful. But crazy. Beautiful. But crazy. That sounds self-important, but it helped in the moment to have me think of those two words. Beautiful. Crazy.

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