Someone in the guestbook…

Yes, I realize blogs today don’t have “guestbooks,” okay? But. Mine exists. See it over there. Where you can leave comments. Someone wanted to know about the Creeley quote embedded in the following text of a megaphone:

thankful —
there’s a word i can’t

pin down.
like creeley said: “god shed his grace on thee–
how abstract is that fucking fact.”
how do you say,
in any language,
may i never forget
what i hated to learn.
thank you for this pain,
thank you for this day.

So — weirdly, this fits the general tenor of my current state as well as it did when I returned from study abroad.

And the Creeley quote is from… i have no idea, because unforunately my book appears to be missing. perhaps left in buffalo. But the book is So There: Poems 1976-83 and also includes the following:

Catching Cold

I want to lay down
and die–
not now

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