ahead by a quarter-century

i moved here a year ago this week. a year ago this week, i was frantically packing, driving, mislabeling boxes, effing up a few travel details, meeting with my sister in new york, and then home to buffalo, and then on an overnight train to chicago. i didn’t know what i would be in for. i didn’t know that what awaited me would open me up again, patch up the holes, give my soul some bread, root me in a waters-run-deep and sun-shines-sweet city that takes my heart every day. even on the south side, where the kids roll their eyes at me, challenge me at every bend, fight me and fight me and try to crack me, but i’m not cracked yet. i was thinking about giving up the ghost this week, thinking it’s not worth it. i’m more fixing to stay now. i see it. i see a glimmer again. and i see that i want to stop complaining and start celebrating as much as i can for the little things.

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