oh, for the love. i haven’t written in a while. life went into a blender. i am feeling tired and draggy already and it is not even the seventh day of teaching. someone? anyone? tell me what the eff I have decided to do here? thank you. thank you very much. i am just as confused as you are.

i will keep a journal soon, i think. for now, let’s just say that i have been screwing up right and left. papers a-flying, attendance a mess, posters everywhere, bulletin boards stapled securely to the walls, no paycheck in sight (thanks, cps, for not funding my position yet), driving down lakeshore every day to the tune of $6 in gas, buying paper and pens and folders and staples and a printer and a car…. i am poor. i drink beer and enter grades. sink or swim, they say. i try to swim. sometimes sinking happens instead.

that sinking sound. that’s me.

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