I’m wide awake. It’s morning.

Since last we spoke, I have:

–Had beer with the staff at my new school (well, at a pub, not at the school)
–Spent an excellent day with Matt wandering Evanston (saw deli folk) and lounging outside a coffee shop reading Harry Potter
–Spent a day in an artsy Bucktown cafe, working and gleaning any bits of wisdom from teacher folk who are at charter schools that have already begun
–Created a to-do list
–Realized that I have been slow at finishing things lately lately because i don’t yet feel qualified to make decisions about x, y, or z, but that really — if I don’t, who will? It’s up to me. Who’s the boss? Tony Danza? No. Me. My bathroom policy, water fountain policy, homework policy, lateness policy…. those all belong to me and me alone.
–Made cookies that sort of look like breasts (to clarify: chocolate chip cookies with Hershey’s Ksses in the middle)
–Freaked out (about the new job, not the cookies)
–Calmed down
–Freaked out

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