this has happened to me lately. lately as in in the past four months:

-soaked up springtime in chicago, with eliina living downstairs and her beerful fridge and our adorable as adorable little spanish-speaking ninos neighbors
-broke my fingers on the neofuturist stage
-was in an improv show with my favoritest folks
-met a boy named matt who has caught my heart in his fist like a goldfish and so it goes
-quit my jewishesque job
-drove through the countryside asleep as can be, but it whispered to me in my dreams on the way to florida
-slept on the beach on the gulf coast of florida, and woke up with white sand in my eyelashes and everywhere like i was meant to be coated in a fine dust
-watched caleb breathe fire on a starry beach night
-flew on a sad night to los angeles, and arrived on a dizzy morning to teach for america orientation
-am now slogging painfully and purposefully and relentlessly and sickeningly through the most ridiculous human experience i can think of at the moment, but only because i’m feeling self-centered and uncreative, i am sure there are worse things

i have lessons to write and worksheets to create; i have children’s lives to attempt to shape, i have questions to ask and no answers to tell, i have a dorm room and a laptop and necklace with a shell that reminds me of the moon and a beach and the night and no matter what i say next it’ll never be right. write. right. write.

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