So there’s that.

It’s time for me to take an even more permanent break from this page. I don’t really know what happened, except –and this might seem dramatic, it’s just a web page after all, but analogies are imperfect, ok?– it’s like how one day you can be perfectly happy dating someone, you look at her and she is you, and you know her inside out, and the sun shines down on both of you…and then the next day you wake up and you look at her and you realize you’re practically strangers, and it’s like it happened all at once, even though it must have been happening for a while. So! I will leave you for now with a quote, because we like quotes around here, and we like melodrama, and beautiful language:

“I daydream about a paradise planet where everyone lives forever, and their primary pursuit is falling in love with each other and then saying goodbye for a million years. They’d say the saddest, sweetest so-longs. In fact, saying goodbye would be this planet’s most popular art form. Then a million years later, they’d meet up again and, you know, it’d be great, and people would spend a few thousand years catching up.” — Bill Brown, in the zine Dream Whip, issue no. 13

Archives will stay up for now but may come down soon. I promise I won’t stay quiet for too too long.

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