Toasters come from Becca

Even though we were in the midst of our now-resolved fight, Becca came over last Friday bearing what is, without a shadow of a doubt, the cutest toaster in the whole wide world. It’s chubby and copper and shiny, and I look at it every day and just want to hug it. I love toast. I even donated my own toaster to my previous job, so I could toast things any time of day. So I’d been missing toast very much, but just simply refused to spend money on buying myself one, rationalizing that untoasted bread should be good enough for me. Now, once again, I’m back to my toasting ways.

Thus my apartment has been almost completely and totally outfitted via the goodwill of others. It’s been like a barn-raising. Thank God, because I’m broke as a joke and would be sitting amongst boxes otherwise.

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