It’s funny cuz it’s true

“No one can tell you that you can’t make a difference. It’s something you have to figure out for yourself.” — Teach for America Chews Up, Spits Out Another Ethnic Studies Major, in The Onion

Thanks to Mark for the link.

Elaboration, 2/17: Here’s the thing. The above sentiment is not a deterrent at the moment. I’ve already been learnt and burnt in the hallowed halls of D.C. public schools. I figure now I’ve got a good, crispy shell to keep me somewhat safe. I already know that “making a difference” is really all relative. History has a lot of momentum going for it. Progress can seem incrementally, painfully slow, to the point of appearing nonexistent, because you can’t just shut off Niagara Falls to do some landscaping. Basically, I’ve decided that I just want to pick a spot to stand and see what I can do, whether it makes an apparent difference or not.

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