Furniture comes from strangers

Sometimes I buy things secondhand from strangers. It’s true. This has never turned out well. See couch poems. Also, I once bought an armchair that was an odyssey involving former co-worker Brooke and I and a Zipcar.

Today, transporting a desk with the help of Becca and Eliina, was similarly trying. I will not recount the details here. Suffice it to say that I learned that 1) a desk will not fit in Eliina’s car; 2) minivan taxis will not pick up furniture; 3) if you call a minivan taxi hypothetically asking for a quote, they might think you’re calling for them and will dispatch you a cab anyway; 4) 40 degrees feels much colder when you’re out in it for 40 minutes; 6) you should fully estimate the number of people you need for any job before commencing it and 7) I should consider myself damn lucky that Becca has friends with cars who will come at a moment’s notice and 8) Becca and Eliina are goddesses. Wait. I already knew that.

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