‘Round the outside

The Chartres labyrinth is an ancient pattern that twists upon itself in a specified circular path leading to its center. It can be walked for meditation and prayer. You can make one with masking tape, following elaborate instructions. Or you can make one with painter’s tape, using only a drawing, because you have brilliant partners-in-labyrinth. (That was during a college retreat I co-led, wherein I took one of my occasional stabs at Catholicness.)

I walked a labyrinth last week, when I came upon a church that had one, and I found it comforting and peaceful, not just an exercise. This part of the metaphor was maybe most useful: You enter, and it looks like you’re headed toward the center, but then you swing wide, wide around the outside. That’s happening a lot these days, with relationships, with the play project, with classes, with how I feel about TFA. I think I’ve got the answer, and then clearly — I don’t. It was nice to feel like that’s ok, and you’ll get to the center eventually. It’s easy enough to say that to yourself, or to have someone say that to you. But when you walk that metaphor, it’s somehow easier to feel it.

Unrelated, and for Emily’s benefit: Labyrinth, the movie.

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