This is getting ridiculous

I acquired another typewriter over the weekend at the Chicago Filmmakers Society garage sale. It’s bright yellow with black keys, metal and very light, made in Japan. In my family of typewriters, it would be the one to smoke in junior high, wear black turtlenecks, and think that Speed Racer is ironically hip, while concealing a secret desire to actually be a racecar driver. It needs a new ribbon. But it looks damn spiffy.

In other typewriter news, Eliina and I finally ventured to Steve’s typewriter repair shop and got a ribbon for my 1956 Remington. The shop, by the way, was so cool — dark, dusty and inky. I just wanted to touch all the keys on all the typewriters in there.

My newly beribboned typewriter made for great fun at brunch on Sunday with Cleo, the Jons, Amanda and Eliina. Jon and Jon passed it back and forth and created a short but brilliant mystery story about a dashing man and a Parisian Water Diamond. Amanda and I then acted it out for all to see.

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