Dispatches from work

I have 35 important contracts piled on my desk. I am eating lunch on my desk. Hmmm.


“It’s like Little Mexico over there.” — jaded female co-worker, pointing to the water fountain, which I’d been drinking out of for the last month. She kindly directed me to the water cooler in Accounting.


“She told me she didn’t know how to have fun anymore. Well, ma. YOU DON’T EVEN WANNA LEARN.” Co-worker Priscilla, describing in her New Jersey accent how her 82 year-old mother refused to enjoy an expensive dinner out


On being thrifty:

-I don’t take a cab downtown unless it’s freezing or I’m late.
-Oh yeah? That’s really admirable of you.

-But I take a cab home every day. You know, we all have our little…

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