Happy Thanksgiving to all, and to all a good feast. And then, a good nap. I am staying here in Chicago, having dinner with Charlie’s family (and Amanda, Charlie and Kirsten).


Talking on the phone to my mom this morning…

Mom: That is one ugly bird. Turkeys, when they’re raw? They’re just…. ugly. You would’ve laughed at me. When I was making it, I just kept saying, “This turkey is god-awful ugly.” I was by myself.

Ten minutes later, talking to my grandmother (my mom’s mother) on the phone….

Grandma: Does your mom have the turkey going?
Me: Yeah. She said it was ugly, though.
Grandma: When they’re raw? Oh, they are.


“The best way to celebrate Thanksgiving is to be forgiving. Forgive slights, because they were not wounds. Forgive wounds, because they were not injuries. Forgive injuries, because they were not fatal.” — Gapers Block

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