Things here are madness. Which makes sense, considering the move and all.

This past weekend: Wedding in Michigan. A ceremony, a reception, all the basics, but wrapped up in light and happiness and emotion, in seeing old friends and in crisp blue sky fall days.

Monday: Flew home to Buffalo to whisk away my parents’ car. Gorged on cheesecake at the mecca of all diners in Rochester with Deanna and her fabulous housemates.

Tuesday: Drove in ridiculous monsoonish rain from Buffalo to D.C. Feared for life, scolded self for fearing for life. Listened to the same Hanson song on my sister’s mix CD for the last hour of the trip. It’s embarassing to admit that this kept me going, but it did… ‘Cause the minutes seem like hours and the hours seem like days… So true!

Wednesday: Packety pack packed. Had lunch with one of my old bosses. Made spaghetti sauce with Sarah. No disasters to report, shockingly enough. We shall see how it tastes. It’s in the fridge.

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