Mmmm, soft foods. I am trying bulk up — or at the very least, keep from withering away — on account of having my teeth out. So my roommates have been pitting all my food items against each other in a caloric contest. This morning, when I am deciding on which soft food I will have for breakfast, Kat asks which has more fat, the Ensure, or the Yo Baby Drinkable Yogurt? It’s almost a toss-up. Ensure has 6 grams, Yo Baby has 4.5, but the Ensure serving size is slightly bigger. Yo Baby has a cooler name. I’m afraid to try the Ensure. Yo Baby wins.


Five minutes later: Tried the Ensure. Felt like I was being wussy for not wanting to. (Me? Wussy about something? Please.) It actually isn’t bad. A little medicinal (or metallic?) tasting. But other than that, a ringing endorsement.

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