Sometime between work and home last night, I saw…

-Pirate guy: A man with a bright blue parrot on his shoulder, calmly walking laps around Dupont Circle.

-Long-lost Russian brothers reunited: Two men each clearly waiting for someone in Dupont Circle, a few yards apart. They kept making eye contact with each other and then looking away uncertainly, glancing at their watches. Finally one came up to the other with a big smile, shook his hand and slapped him on the back. “I almost didn’t recognize you!” he said in a Russian-ish accent “We’re big now!” One was much taller than the other.

-Dollar bill man: A man who looked kinda California-skater in mirrored sunglasses holding up a dollar bill and shoving it in the faces of people passing by in an accusatory, silent, manner.

-Super-enthused small business man: A man, walking with his wife/girlfriend, who passed me and then turned and interrupted his own conversation to hand me a business card, saying “Hey, how ya doin’, here’s my card. I own a barber shop. And I make business cards too.”

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