I was locked out of my house last night, without a cell phone. (I’d left keys and cell phone at work.) It was 10pm by the time I arrived at the house and realized my keys were at work and my roommates weren’t going to be home that night. I immediately went back to my office building, but all maintenance people were gone and no one could let me in to my office’s suite. (Though the nice front desk woman was very very concerned and advised me to always keep a set of keys in my pocketbook.) Then I headed to Kirsten’s and showed up at her door at 11pm, scaring her to death when I rang her buzzer. We hung out for a bit with two of her awesome friends (from Germany!) who were staying with her… Around midnight, I crashed with Mark at my old apartment down the street from Kirsten. The middle couch cushion dropped out from under me at about 4am when part of the frame collapsed. (Oh, Ikea.) I fixed it and fell asleep again at 6am, then went home to change when a roommate was home to let me in. It’s been one big, long day.

The last time I was locked out.

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