Hmm. I hate change. Why move, then? Not sure. I think I was looking for someplace to land, an island in this ocean… a house in Southeast D.C.? Are you it? It’s a three-level townhouse with wood floors and a broad kitchen and a dining room where I can spread out the Sunday paper. Are you it, house? I don’t know what a house can do. I don’t think a house can calm the nerves… I don’t know…. It’s across from a cemetery. That’s always good for a little bit of perspective. Eh?

Anyways, before rumination gets the better of me, so far all is well. Sarah has offered me her chili, cereal, soda, tea, bagels, watermelon and probably something else I’m forgetting. Kat has introduced me to Six Feet Under on HBO. Unfortunately I haven’t unpacked at all. That’s fine.

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