Bonfire last night… We were at Jill’s house, and the stars were out. It was three of my friends from high school (Deanna, Jill and Sarah) plus an entire crew of friends of siblings of friends of friends.

“Welcome to… high school!” Deanna said as I sat down around the bonfire with a Molson’s in hand. But it wasn’t like high school as much as it was like slipping into a favorite pair of Converse sneakers, the pair you’ve had so long that the imprints of your feet are worn into the insoles. Comfy comfy comfy. And so, so much fun. Every two sentences, we cracked each other up.

Molson’s has silly labels on their bottles. Mine said, “I JUST WANT TO BE HELD”. Sarah peeled it off for me, and I stuck it in my back pocket. (Buffalo recognizes the superiority of Canadian beer.) We toasted marshmallows (and Peeps). Sarah lit bits of grass on fire. Someone played a didgeridoo made out of PVC pipe. Much merriment was spread.

Now I’m back in D.C., feeling freshly scrubbed after my weekend away.

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