Off to Buffalo for Memorial Day weekend! And thank goodness. Feeling a bit ragged around the edges after a tough week at work. Luckily Deanna has been in town to at least entertain me in the evenings. I took the day off today, so we roamed around the Adams Morgan neighborhood and browsed trendy secondhand shops and bookstores before stopping for coffee and zoning out. Other highlights of her visit:

-Having the Metro break down, so we get off, in the rain, to find the bus. And then taking the bus — for an hour — crammed full of sweaty people. And then, when it is our stop, not being able to get the back doors open and pulling on them frantically like they are jail bars. And having the man behind us bust out laughing.

-Wanting to make a rhubarb crisp at 9:30pm, finding out that my rhubarb is spoiled, and then going to the grocery store only to find they are sold out of it. Luckily we just made it to Whole Foods before the store closed.

-Finding out, whilst making the rhubarb crisp, that my oven doesn’t work very well.

-Deciding the following morning, despite the fact that I now know the oven doesn’t work well, to make a quiche.

-Delighting over the improbable but undeniable success of aforementioned quiche.

-Realizing that I tend to deny reality and tempt fate because when it works out in my favor, there ain’t nothin’ better.

-Hearing Deanna add an extra syllable to “cicada” and pronounce it “ci-cay-di-ya” over and over until I start to do the same.

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