I’ve been cleaning all morning. It’s time for a break. The cicadas are whirring wildy outside and the sun streams in white and bright… The Poem Adept is playing in my CD player (quiet strumming guitar) and I’m nestled on my big bed in my Northwestern sweatshirt, in the air-conditioned calm of my apartment.

I’m also reading Dupont Circle by Paul Kafka-Gibbons, a novel that centers on the interconnected lives of three couples, one of which includes a judge about to hear a gay marriage case in D.C. and one of which is two gay men raising children. I’m learning about the historical context of the gay marriage debate (timely! interesting!) and mulling the lovely quirks and compromises that make relationships work.

Cicadas, cicadas… we humans are not lucky enough to veg and eat for 17 years before we mate and die… Cicadas keep it simple, man.

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