Nice wheels for a girl with no car…

I have an old lady cart. When it’s folded up, it looks like a baby stroller. I am neither elderly nor do I have a baby, so I can see how people are confused by it. I use it to carry groceries back from the supermarket and to take my laundry to the laundry room. Today I wheeled it to the laundry room full of laundry and started loading clothes into a machine. Suddenly I realized that a bonafide old lady (white hair in a bun, hunched over, cardigan sweater) was staring at me from close range, too close for comfort, as I was handling various underthings. I was trying to formulate what to say (“May I help you?”) when she said to me, “I was just admiring your cart.”

She had one of the cheaper wire carts and asked if she should invest in one like mine. I told her she should. And she was so sweet, I sorta felt like giving her mine on the spot. But I didn’t. Because what would I do without it?

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