just got back from a weekend in chicago with eliina, amanda, kirsten and cleo. over the course of 2.5 days, i…

DRANK: good beer in smoky geek-chic dive bar; bad beer in cheesy-loud country western bar; peaceful slurpies on eliina’s balcony; mexican hot chocolate in cozy coffee shop with amanda; cups of fresh-ground, eliina-brewed coffee each morning.

ATE: a dill havarti sandwich, butter cookie and macaroni salad from al’s deli [bob and john from the deli were happy to see me and told me to call next time before i come]; whole-wheat pasta with sauteed grape tomatoes and spinach [made by amanda and i]; peanut butter cookie dough ice cream [in madison, wi. while looking at grad schools for kirsten]; buttermilk pancakes [kirsten, eliina and i took turns pouring and flipping and then ate them communally with our fingers by dipping into a dish of maple syrup].

PLAYED: by hanging around on the beach with eliina’s dog henry [who is eliina herself compacted into a puppy personality]; by singing a song with eliina et. al. about al’s deli; by dancing crazily to bad country-western music in aforementioned country-western bar; by browsing a used bookstore in search of destiny [cleo found this instead].

WISHED: that it were easier to figure out what to do with our lives; that it were not already sunday evening as the rain poured down and charlie drove and we listened to ‘all that you can’t leave behind’; that it were not 11 pm in the anesthetized o’hare airport where we waited for our delayed [delayed, delayed] flight; that every weekend could be like this weekend for ever and ever.

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