The third in our series: “The Mind: Hmm. I Don’t Know.”

So I got my eyes checked out at an optometrist’s in downtown D.C. And he said my current prescription was too strong. Anyone who’s ever been in an eye exam knows that your prescription is all up to you. You tell the optometrist which prescription makes you see clearer and which makes things more fuzzy. How the fuck did I screw up my own eyeglasses prescription?

When the D.C. optometrist clicked through the various strengths of lenses as I looked at the eye chart, he asked, “Better, worse, or about the same?” But my old optometrist had only asked, “Better or worse?” I guess for whatever reason, I felt pressured to make a decision between the two choices and kept ramping up the prescription.

Please don’t ask me to make decisions about anything important.

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