Just returned from a private screening of the new Lord of the Rings movie with hordes of children from DC public schools. I have to say, that’s the only way to see it. They cheered, clapped and squealed like no adult crowd on earth. To be eligible to see it, they had to enter an essay contest, run by the organization I work for, on what they want to do “with the time that is given to them.” (This was based on a theme of the movie.)

Answers included:
–Counsel children so they don’t become teenage car thieves
–Complete toy collection
–Help the homeless
–Survive the mean and cruel world of business
–Accomplish football

During the screening the contrast between the screen world and the audience jarred me a little… here were these children from schools often lacking basic paper and books, and here was this lavishly produced film, which cost bajillions of dollars to make. Meh! The world.

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