Emily has designed a pulley system made of yarn and binder clips to ferry objects from her desk to Tasia’s.

Kristen: Do you know how ridiculous this is?

Tasia: That’s what they said about the Wright Brothers when they invented the airplane.

“Mmm, smells like pine, but it’s a ficus.” — Emily, re: car freshener hanging on fake tree in office building lobby

I used to have a post here about how some writing is way more interesting to the writer than the reader. Topic-wise, style-wise, whatever. There’s a big difference between being the producer and the consumer… However I deleted the post because I was afraid it was boring. (This is completely true.)

I’ve recently started doing “air quotes” with my fingers. (See, I just air-quoted that.) Someone, stop me. I don’t know how I picked up this gestural tick.