Looking (pretty lazily) for a new apartment… just ran across this, by Pagan Kennedy, on women’s living situations: “We’re isolating ourselves in condos and studio apartments. And why? Sometimes because we need to bask in solitude — and that’s fine. But other times, it’s because we’re afraid to get too comfortable with our friends. What if you bought a house with your best friend, opened a joint bank account with her, raised a child?”

I still would love to live in a big old house with all of my best friends. Or at least really close by. I think Eliina (or Amanda? or Charlie?) was saying how great it would be to all rent apartments in the same complex. Or to live on the same block with ajoining yards so our little ones (okay, so this is far future) could all play together in our yards. It’s so hard, though, to make that kind of committment to each other. Relationships, jobs would probably come first. Why do they have to?

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