The Brooklyn Bridge wasn’t made to handle thousands of pedestrians…. you’d think that the weight wouldn’t be that much different than the weight of a whole bunch of cars, but apparently the vibrations caused by people stepping randomly and shifting their weight are very different from the vibrations of motor vehicles. So during the recent blackout, the bridge started swaying and groaning during the mass exodus. Comforting.

Also blackout-related: How New York City Papers Published in the Dark.

“Civilization will go on whether you attend the block party or not. It will, whether you say hello and talk to anyone today or not. Whether you get married today or ever or have kids or not. Its momentum is strong. It will go on. Your participation is now optional.” — Anneli Rufus, on loners

My parents will arrive in approximately 1.5 hours. They will then take me to Willamsburg, VA where I will be held for three days in a condominium. I will be returned to my apartment on Tuesday, August 19. Hopefully alive.

“I’m sorry, I can’t do more than two stops.” — woman who fled the elevator for the stairs this morning, after I pressed a button for the 9th floor

(I then made a sad face at the woman’s friend, who had remained in the elevator. “Don’t worry,” she said. “It’s just that she’s gotten stuck in here before. At least she’s getting lots of exercise.”)