Euchre, explained in the Washington Post: “Euchre’s resurgence rests in the game’s rules, which are simple but still provide for a fair degree of skill. Bizarre rituals such as putting cards behind your ears and making barn noises are coupled with the sophisticated strategy and sharp mind that winning requires.”

Sarah invited me to play euchre with her and some friends last night, but I was way too tired from a trip I took to Atlanta over the weekend. Otherwise I definitely would’ve gone.

Memories of euchre: Trying to learn how to play senior year of high school, during A.P. exam days. Not succeeding. All the cool kids knew how to play… During sophomore year of college, laying out the dorm literary magazine with Jonathan and Amanda, bonding over the fact that none of us knew how to play euchre … In New York during my internship quarter junior year, finally learning to play euchre with the boys who lived down the hall in our building … In Copenhagen junior year, re-learning euchre during an overnight ferry ride to the island of Børnholm for a bike trip, and playing with Eric, David, and David’s friend in a beautiful flat in Helsingør.

I actually don’t remember the rules at all now, so I’ll have to learn again. Again.

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