I had a little announcement posted yesterday that said “This site is down for repairs.” But actually that was a lie. I didn’t repair anything. I just needed a little breather from my brain. Work is really crazy right now…. I have four major projects due, plus our book sale, so I’ve been working a lot. It’s great fuel for self-pity. Plus my roommate is out of town for a month, so I’m alone every night, which makes me edgy. I also hurt both of my feet wearing crappy sandals one day, so now I’m hobbling around like an old woman. I don’t know why I decided that the site would be down for repairs. I think it just freed up one more corner of mental space to not think about posting anything yesterday. I dunno! I’m weird. Excuses, excuses. I really don’t like when this site feels fake. But when life is on the blah side, who wants to double the blah-ness and write about it in a blog? Especially in a not-very-insightful-or-creative way. I guess I just did. Oh well.

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