The term “unskilled labor” is really not accurate. I learned that this week. The nonprofit I work for is holding a used book sale as a fundraiser. We collected like 30,000 donated books from people around the city, and now we’re selling them. This means a lot of sorting, packing and moving of books. I found myself using a totally different, and horribly atrophied, portion of my brain. How do you pack books of all different shapes and sizes into one small, falling-apart cardboard box? How do you wheel a dolly into a building without it tipping over as you cross the slightly raised threshold? How do you fold down the flaps on a cardboard box so they interlock and neatly close? How do you work those packing tape dispenser thingies without getting the tape all in a tangle? I swear to you. It is hard. There is much skill involved. Skillz which I do not possess.

I drank about a bottle of orange Gatorade a day last week. For some reason that kind of amused my co-workers. I don’t even like Gatorade. I think I just needed the reassurance…. all those electrolytes will help me lift things.

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