Hopefully I will be able to write about my weekend in Chicago soon. I am slow. I would also like to write about my weekend with Eliina. She came to visit last Friday, and it was so, so nice. We bought Cadbury Eggs, watched movies on the couch and ate ice cream, drank Vermont beer brewed with apricot, read books in a coffee shop, went to a Lutheran service for Easter, had brunch at Patrick‘s parents’ house, made eggplant parmesian, and basically just enjoyed the sunny weekend.

The greeter at the Lutheran church took her job very seriously. She greeted us super-enthusiastically when we arrived. And as we left after the service, she cornered us outside. “Don’t you want to say good morning to our pastor?” she said cheerily but with raised eyebrows. “No??” Flustered, we went over and shook the pastor’s hand. As we tried to leave again, the greeter grabbed us both by the wrists. “Would you like to sign our guestbook?” I was about to say no, this had gone far enough. Eliina, ever the good girl, backpedaled and signed it.

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