A weird day….

Odd scene 1: Pat, who is a work-study student in my office, came into work carrying a box. The box held a tuxedo he just bought. He proceeded to try it on in the conference room and ask the opinions of everyone on how it fit.

Odd scene 2: Sitting at my desk, I heard the quiet but too-loud-to-be-outside coo of a pigeon. I turned to the open kitchen window, and there it was, on the window sill hiding behind bottles of ketchup. I looked over at Maria, who sits across from me. After a few seconds of hemming and hawing, I convinced Maria to chase it away. She got up, squawked loudly at it a few times and lunged toward the window. The bird flew away immediately. (Across the office, Pat was still walking around in his tux.)

Odd scene 3: After one of our evening programs at an elementary school, Vim was driving a carful of us home. At a stoplight, we watched three men, all pudgy but potentially college-age, stumble across the street holding on to each other for dear balance. They noticed us. The paused in the crosswalk. They waved drunkenly. We laughed. They waved more. One of them started mock-humping the front of Vim’s car. One pounded on Shayna’s window, gesturing for her to write down her phone number. We sped away, laughing like crazy. “See guys?” Vim said. “This is why we always lock our doors.”

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