It’s snowing right now… not downward, as snow usually falls, but sideways. Snow is flying sideways past our windows. We immediately took this to be evidence of a chemical attack.

Vim: It’s the APOCALYPSE!

Maria (shrugging): I wouldn’t mind dying with y’all.

It snowed this morning. Yesterday it was at least 65 degrees. Today, it’s 35. How does that happen? I’m worried about the little flowers on all the cherry trees and dogwood trees. The buds opened yesterday, suddenly, turning all those twiggy trees into blossom-y clouds… will they all freeze today?

On Saturday I met up with two new friends, Maria and Jill, at the National Kite Festival on the Mall. Lots o’ little kids and their bright kites… there wasn’t much wind, so they just ran along the Mall pulling the kites behind them. It was nice to be outside after such a cold winter. It was a little eerie to walk around freely under an open blue sky when I’d just watched the bombing of Baghdad the night before on T.V. … The stark contrast made me feel a little guilty. But after about half an hour of wandering, we started playing frisbee. So instead of feeling guilty I began concentrating on throwing and catching and not falling down.