Gardening with Attention Deficit Disorder: “Many of us avoid gardening. Too many times, we plant the most beautiful rose bushes, only to have them get blight and die when we forget about them for a month or so. Our neat geometric garden designs get holes when a few of the flowers in the pattern die. Our neighbors start to make comments…..”

“Lindsay, learn to appreciate being cut out of conversations. I do. The less conversations I’m in, the better.” — my boss

What am I doing? Am I looking for action? Have things gotten too good? Friends are writing letters, sending cookies…. just finished a good book…. got real stuff to do at work (helping organize a training day for forty teachers and parents)…. it’s snowing outside…. just made myself a tasty salad…. food stamps are a godsend (Did I tell you I got food stamps? I did. I am grateful for the government, for once.)…. so is that why I feel like picking up and moving to California? Or New York? Is that why drastic career measures are floating through my head: Montessori school teacher! Librarian! Must calm self. Must calm self. Happy here. Must stay here.

Found on the sidewalk on 15th St.: A red guitar pick. Dunlop, USA with a gator on it. .58mm. Do you know what this means? DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS? I now own a lucky guitar pick. And it has arrived at a very serendipitous time. Vim, Shayna and I are working on starting a band called Mad Chaos. We will be a girl band, and we will tour mostly in Thailand, because Vim has connections there. Thus far, we’ve got a few things going for us:

-A red guitar pick. Dunlop, USA with a gator on it. .58mm.
-A name: Mad Chaos.
-A band member who can speak Thai: Vim.

-A T-shirt slogan: “Stupid people read audiobooks.”


“What good is intellect if it leaves us immobile and frozen in indecision? At some point, despite all the other options, you have to commit yourself to a path. Being flexible if fine, it’s maybe the greatest talent you can have, but in order to define yourself, you need to pursue your passion. There will always be good reasons not to do something, or to do something else, the world is full of women more beautiful than your wife, you can never choose the best car, there’s always a cheaper air fare. What’s most important is that you choose and get on with your life.” — Chuck Palahniuk

Site: “The <a href=”Ticketstub project is a place where you can upload scanned images of your saved stubs, and tell a story about that night, that concert, that movie, what happened on that date; basically, ask youself why you saved the stub as a reminder.”

Site: The Making of a Restaurant. These two guys graduated from Northwestern just before I got there, so I never met them, but they both worked on the Daily Northwestern, and they both design beautiful web sites — two ambitions I had way-back-when. I remember frantically searching the web for any Northwestern-related information as a pre-frosh trying to pick a school. I stumbled upon their stuff and thought maybe attending the same school would magically make me just as cool. How little I knew. This site is an ode to their self-described crackpot idea of opening their own restaurant.

I am currently drinking fruit punch that tastes a bit like soap. Isn’t that a symptom of some disease? When everything tastes like soap? Hopefully this is an isolated incident.

Overheard on the Metro:
–You know, if the war starts, there won’t be a potluck.
–Oh yes there will. I’m going to the potluck.

“The World’s Most Wonderful Wife” — cardboard sign held by nervous-looking man with two little kids in tow, waiting at the airport this morning

Yay!: Deanna sent me the coolest package… chocolate covered Oreos and pretzels, all decorated pretty… plus some green tea! How cool is that! She rocks. I brought about eight of the cookies into my office, thinking maybe they’d eat a couple… I got back to the office after a meeting and there was like one left. Oh well. They kept asking me who this cool friend was and how she’d made them.