jesus would ride a bike
My dad works for General Motors. It’s one of the last big manufacturers left in the Western New York area, and it employs thousands of people. I should have no cause to complain about the company, but yet I do. My family leases an SUV, a GMC Jimmy. And this drives me crazy. I can’t exactly pinpoint why. I’m sure there’s a billion other purchasing or environmental decisions I could pick on. And hey, I’ve been known to leave the water running for five minutes at a time. But the SUV thing. I dunno, there’s just something creepy about it… the invisible hand of marketing has made all these Americans truly believe that they are driving vehicles that are safer in a crash and better in bad weather. But it ain’t true.

So I nicknamed our SUV at home the Rollover Death Machine. You know. For counter-marketing purposes. My parents didn’t take too kindly to that. They just looked sort of quietly stunned/annoyed. Probably because I decided to tell them my new nickname while we were driving in the Jimmy.

And, says Arianna Huffington, there is a creepy conspiracy behind the SUV trend. Ok, so actually it’s just the standard conspiracy: the feds and big business.

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