I got a nose job. Ok, not a real nose job. I had a deviated septum fixed. It’s a pretty minor surgery. It’s not like I had a kidney removed or anything. But yet it still seemed very complicated. One little piece of cartiledge had to be realigned, and yet I had to go to the hospital, get all this blood work done, get an I.V. and a hospital gown that was missing about ten snaps, and a blue shower cap-like thing for my head, and get a general anesthetic and this doctor went to work… when I woke up I decided that this was the worst idea I’d ever had in my entire life. “Feel like you’ve been hit by a truck, huh?” a nurse said sympathetically as I floated in a post-operative haze.

Luckily I’m feeling much better now. I’ve got a sling for my nose. It looks really, really funny.

Patrick was watching t.v. the day I had the surgery and came across this bit of dialogue on Mad About You:

Helen Hunt: You should’ve married that woman with a nose job!
Paul Reiser: You’re so cruel! The woman had a deviated septum!
Helen Hunt: They alllll do.

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