Seven days without an update? Has something gone wrong? No, no, everything, for once, has gone right. Even when things went wrong, they went right. I had AmeriCorps training in D.C. this week, prefaced by a weekend of roadtrips with Mark. More soon, but among the highlights: Winding through endless marshy nature preserves on tiny roads in the Chesapeake Bay area of Maryland; finding not a single hotel with vacancies in the town where we ended up; being stuck in crawl-speed traffic on the Interstate; finding out that I had the world’s most random connections to other AmeriCorps volunteers (explanation later); eating the hotel’s catering for every meal (all meals were just variations on a theme of steamed vegetable/rice/greasy meat/salad) and learning that I can survive AmeriCorps next year. Maybe, just maybe, I can even enjoy it.

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