from the archives
I posted this some time during my senior year of high school. It is presented here as part of Western New York television history:

My new favorite commercial is for a local “law office.” One middle-aged insurance fellow goes up to an old, eating, insurance fellow in a restaurant. He describes a case to this muncher, who looks up at the end and says “Who’s representing this ‘victim’ ?”

Nicholas, Perot and Strauss.”

CHOKE, CHOKE, CHOKE goes the muncher. “Let’s settle THIS one.”

“We find enemies among our peers because we know them better, and their proximity and familiarity means we don’t even have to get off the couch to dismantle them.” — Dave Eggers

Eliina, Amanda and I made sandwiches of egg salad and tuna salad, heated a can of baked beans, took some red grapes out of the freezer and headed for the park across the street. We spread out on Amanda’s soft quilt under a tree with a trunk big enough to live in. Then we ate our picnic, talked about silly things like childhood nicknames and brushed roaming insects off each other’s shoulders.

this time last year
I was in Normandy with my mother. We piled into a tour guide’s truck with a man from New Zealand and a family from Oklahoma City and bounced across the Monet-colored landscape of wildflowers and dirt roads until we reached the beach. We scooped sand into an empty water bottle for my grandfather. We climbed in and out of old German bunkers: rusted barbed wire and broken slabs of concrete, guns bigger than me. At the American cemetary, I stood on “U.S.” soil for the first time in a few months, an intruder on an endless field of perfect white crosses.

“I’m kidding.” [pause] “I’m half-kidding.” [pause] “I’m serious, actually.” — Amanda

Saw Star Wars last night, and so did Patrick. He wants to hang out with Natalie Portman. I’m hoping for something much more realistic. There were two guys at the movie theater dressed up as a Storm Trooper and a Jedi, hired to patiently pose for pictures with all the movie-goers…. After the show we walked home, dissecting the film. And when we turned a corner, there they were — packing up their car, looking like rejects from a Star Wars backlot. Love a man in uniform.