I think it’s funny that driving on the Thruway scares me. I’ve done it before. I drove on freeways all the way across the country. But I haven’t done it much since then, more than a year ago. So yesterday I was trying to look and sound cheerful, la la la, no big deal, with my sisters in the car as we headed towards Rochester, an hour away. Every time I switched lanes I felt that jolt of “eeeek…” We made it to Deanna’s safe and sound, though.

Deanna and I have kept each other around since forever, since those mixed-up high school days when having a crush felt physically painful. She talked for a bit with my sisters and, after we left, they commented with surprise: “Wow. She’s really cool.” Well, yeah. I guess since they’re in high school now, they’re actually old enough to get along with my friends.

Driving back in the dark and rain, I told my sisters stories about how Patrick and I met, to stay calm.

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