random theory
So, I think when disaster is imminent, you become more calm. Like, this graduation thing. I’m getting progressively calmer about it. In November, I was freaking out. Now, as it becomes slowly more apparent that June *will* come no matter what, I’m relaxing. It reminds me of the time Pol and I were driving in icy ski country a couple of years ago. We’d just inched up a steep hill in his Jimmy, and found ourselves on an empty, slippery road with nowhere to go but forward. We slid and fishtailed slightly, and I got really scared we were going to end up in a ditch. I had no concept of what it felt like in a ditch, if we’d roll over, if it’d hurt. But then we started to slowly glide diagonally across the road. Suddenly I was resigned to it. I braced myself, but it was out of my hands. Imminent. We just ended up at a 45 degree angle, unhurt, and flagged down a truck to tow us out.

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