the power of suggestion
Today I signed up for counseling at the health center. It’s no big deal, it’s just something the university offers, and I’m stressed out so I could use some advice. But I began to realize the thin line we walk between sanity and insanity.

Receptionist: How does 12:00 on Monday sound?
Me: That sounds fine.
R: Good, would you like a reminder card?
M: Sure.
R: (handing me a card) Here you go. I wrote down 1:50. Be here ten minutes early.
M: Oh. I thought you said 12:00.
R. No…. I said 2.
M: Oh. I can’t make 2.
R: Well how about Wednesday. And you know, we do have walk-in hours every day, so if you need help right away…
M: Thanks.

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