Random thoughts: Deviations…. genetically, we would not exist without deviations in DNA code. If our DNA always stayed the same, well, we’d all still be swimming in that primordial soup. Change is good, nothing is perfect: cliches, right? But pretend you’ve never heard them before, and suddenly they take on a deeper meaning. Change is good. Why? Because it keeps the universe going. It keeps everything evolving. One little deviation can make all the difference. In my archaeology class we talked about how people domesticated wheat. Wheat was hard to make into food because the seed part always fell right off with the slightest breeze. So people found the “mistakes”, the ones whose seed stayed on long enough to be harvested and ground into grain. And they bred more like that.

So, in the realm of ideas. Why is it that people with new ideas are often ignored? Why do some people who want to change things think that they don’t have a chance? One little tiny voice can start a revolution when it begins to take root in one person’s mind. I’m only writing a paragraph on this, so it sounds simple, and maybe it is just simple, something that I took for granted so easily that I never even really thought about it until tonight. You can’t just accept what already exists. You can’t just accept things because there’s no obvious alternative. Like Troy said in (what else) Reality Bites: “I’m talking about… evolving.”

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