Update: Last night’s dinner– wine and macaroni and cheese. This morning’s breakfast — wine and Blueberry Morning cereal. Hmm.

Update: Today things disappeared. Nothing philosophical here, just objects. Valued objects. A sacred computer disk at work was missing, prompting a day-long search that turned up nada. Then my roommate’s bike was stolen right outside our apartment. A girl in my philosophy class also had her bike stolen today. What gives?

Random thought: I really didn’t believe the Barenaked Ladies were imposters, sell-outs, etc. etc. until “If I Had A Million Dollars” became the new theme of New York Lotto.

I miss Denmark a lot today. I miss my host family, my friends and my creative writing class. I want to see Denmark during Christmas. I want to practice my Danish… it’s slipping already. I want bakeries and cobblestone streets and candles.

So Thanksgiving week: The train ride was no fun, not something I’d recommend. Late, crowded, slow. Wednesday night I saw Janelle, her whole family, and her boyfriend Dave, which was very cool. We saw Harry Potter — just about as fun as the books. Thanksgiving day… my contribution to dinner was chopping onions. Oh well. Family time was nerve-grating. Any time you gather that much energy into one room, things get loud and tetchy. Friday, hung out with Deanna, Sarah, Deanna’s new puppy and Bethany.