Update: Last night’s dinner– wine and macaroni and cheese. This morning’s breakfast — wine and Blueberry Morning cereal. Hmm.

Update: Today things disappeared. Nothing philosophical here, just objects. Valued objects. A sacred computer disk at work was missing, prompting a day-long search that turned up nada. Then my roommate’s bike was stolen right outside our apartment. A girl in my philosophy class also had her bike stolen today. What gives?

Random thought: I really didn’t believe the Barenaked Ladies were imposters, sell-outs, etc. etc. until “If I Had A Million Dollars” became the new theme of New York Lotto.

I miss Denmark a lot today. I miss my host family, my friends and my creative writing class. I want to see Denmark during Christmas. I want to practice my Danish… it’s slipping already. I want bakeries and cobblestone streets and candles.

So Thanksgiving week: The train ride was no fun, not something I’d recommend. Late, crowded, slow. Wednesday night I saw Janelle, her whole family, and her boyfriend Dave, which was very cool. We saw Harry Potter — just about as fun as the books. Thanksgiving day… my contribution to dinner was chopping onions. Oh well. Family time was nerve-grating. Any time you gather that much energy into one room, things get loud and tetchy. Friday, hung out with Deanna, Sarah, Deanna’s new puppy and Bethany.

Update: I am back in Evanston… where are you? The train ride, the family, the friends — all went on without disaster. More to come.

Web page note: You might have noticed updates have slowed down a tiny bit — this means the quarter is ending and I’m getting swamped. But I’m sure you understand 🙂 Also, I can’t update from home, so the next update is Sunday.

Update: Going home for Thanksgiving. This involves taking an overnight train from Chicago to Buffalo. Wish me luck.

Update: There’s nothing like being locked out of an abbey at 5:15 am. Last weekend I was on a retreat with Northwestern’s Catholic church (yes, me, on a Catholic retreat) and we stayed in an abbey on a lake in Wisconsin. A meteor shower Saturday night was supposed to peak around 4am. I missed the big group outing to see it at 4, so when I woke up on my own at 5am, I went outside. 1) It was cloudy. 2) The door had locked behind me. So I waited there, wondering if this was some kind of sign, until 5:45, when some nice monk setting up breakfast let me in. Other disasters of the weekend included reading a prayer to the group and reading a little extra: the priest’s part. It was a nice reminder that I don’t do well in formal situations.

Random thoughts: Deviations…. genetically, we would not exist without deviations in DNA code. If our DNA always stayed the same, well, we’d all still be swimming in that primordial soup. Change is good, nothing is perfect: cliches, right? But pretend you’ve never heard them before, and suddenly they take on a deeper meaning. Change is good. Why? Because it keeps the universe going. It keeps everything evolving. One little deviation can make all the difference. In my archaeology class we talked about how people domesticated wheat. Wheat was hard to make into food because the seed part always fell right off with the slightest breeze. So people found the “mistakes”, the ones whose seed stayed on long enough to be harvested and ground into grain. And they bred more like that.

So, in the realm of ideas. Why is it that people with new ideas are often ignored? Why do some people who want to change things think that they don’t have a chance? One little tiny voice can start a revolution when it begins to take root in one person’s mind. I’m only writing a paragraph on this, so it sounds simple, and maybe it is just simple, something that I took for granted so easily that I never even really thought about it until tonight. You can’t just accept what already exists. You can’t just accept things because there’s no obvious alternative. Like Troy said in (what else) Reality Bites: “I’m talking about… evolving.”

“Writing a paper takes little to no effort. I’m doing it right now!” — Amanda, sitting on the floor in her pajamas

“I’ve just decided to switch our Friday schedule to Monday, which means that the test we take each Friday on what we learned during the week will now take place on Monday before we’ve learned it. But since today is Tuesday, it doesn’t matter in the slightest.” — Willy Wonka

i woke up today and felt like i got punched in the stomach…. just that sickness of a day crashing down on me, e-mails that weren’t what i expected, a disaster in new york, a missed deadline, last-minute registration decisions, too much reading, in a groggy confused mist.