Two loud little kids on the train ride home from Charlottesville:
A: Do you like cheese?
B: Huh?
A: Do you like cheese?
B: Yes. Just not this kind.
A: Not yellow cheese?
B: Huh?
A: No, I like white cheese. White American. Just American.

(I look over and realize they’re eating Lunchables.)

5 minutes later:

A: Just taste the cheese.
B: I did! I don’t like it.
A: I don’t like it either…. I dropped it.
B: Oh.
A: Did you know it was my first time tasting this kind of cheese? I didn’t know I didn’t like it though. That’s why I dropped it.

“Careful With Fire” — the most useless road sign ever, in Virginia, with a big illustration of a flame

Field trip: Mark and I wanted to go to the Potomac to canoe… funny thing, we got lost. Instead we ended up at St. Sophia’s, a Greek Orthodox cathedral. We tiptoed in, and a man (priest?) was discussing wedding plans with a small group near the back of the church. Mark didn’t want to go in and disturb them, but I slipped inside anyway… amazing. The walls and domed ceiling are an intricate mosaic of gold tiles. My favorite part was the windows, with rose- and peach-tinted squares that filter the light into perpetual sunset colors. Mark eventually came in and we went on a quest to get to the top of the dome, because we could see a walking space up there: some sneaking through back hallways, an unlocked door, a dark staircase, and there we were, face-to-face with the mosaic dome.