Packing, studying, stressing, writing, my mom is visiting…. got plane tickets to Paris, yes Paris again. Last night was the farewell party for my program, which was a good D.I.S. function for a change. Maybe because it was warm so people could be outside and inside. It was sort of a loud night in Copenhagen in general, because today is a holiday. We tried to watch the fireworks at midnight but couldn’t see any.

Dear Copenhagen: You are beautiful. I will miss your stars and your rooftops and your parks and your lakes. I will miss your noise and your calm, the music from basement storefronts that filters into the streets all day, and the techno from clubs that pulses down the block at night. I will miss your churches with copper spires and your cobblestone streets. I will miss your wavy-glass windows and your courthouse pillars. I will miss your fountains and statues of kings. I will miss your days. Even though they were gray and cold. But most of all I will miss your nights, full of candles and stars. Yours truly, Lindsay

“Knowing that you’ve been bad/ didn’t mean much to you/ I thought I knew you/ Now I wish I had….” — Sarah Harmer

i am procrastinating, la la la la. gimme one reason to stay heeeeere…. and i’ll turn right back around…..

“Well I don’t think I’m getting nowhere/ someone some where/ Understand/ Nearly missing all my marbles/ this is not a perfect plan/ And it won’t be very long/ Til I’m going going gone…/ (And is there really something wrong with me?)/ And if you hide in the metal maze you look back on apathetic days…” — The Posies

“Days like this, I don’t know what to do with myself/ All day – and all night/ I wander the halls and under my breath/ I say to myself/ I need fuel – to take flight -/ And there’s too much going on/ But it’s calm under the waves, in the blue of my oblivion…” –Fiona Apple

I sort of think that trying to plan all this travelling is exhausting me *before* I actually go anywhere, and that the reason I want to get home so much is so I don’t have to worry about Europe in general anymore.

You know what? I take it back. I take the whole stupid I’m-fine-I-love-it-here thing back. Because sometimes I am fine, and sometimes I do love it here. But then other times I just want to run away. And I’m so afraid that I’ll get home and feel the same way. In fact, I know that’s what will happen. And here, you can always do the fortune-cookie trick (you know, where you add “in bed” to the fortune) and add “in Denmark” to any experience to remember that it’s cool. For example: “I just missed a final exam…in Denmark.” But when I get home, what do I say? “Life sucks… in Buffalo, New York.” That’s just stating the obvious, eh?

If I could play the guitar, I’d write a song: “I was looking for a savior in my color t.v./ I was watching your eyes watching me/ Under the covers I discover not a lover but a game/ Still your glances dull the pain/ Now the only thing that keeps me sane/ Is the thought of you/ commercial-free…. “

“You know the lies they always told you/ And the love you never knew/ What’s the things they never showed you/ That swallow the light from the sun” — Goo Goo Dolls

I give up. I can’t function. I think I am losing my mind. Maybe I have mad cow disease.

“Half awake half a world away/all my past mistakes and every wasted day/proves that I’ll never change/I’ll always stay the same/I wouldn’t have it any other way” — Less Than Jake

E-mail that made me wonder: “On May 15, we sent a message to students currently enrolled at Northwestern as
undergraduates to remind them about Advance Registration for the Fall Quarter
of 2001. Inadvertently, we included freshman applicants who were admitted on
the Early Decision Plan or had deferred their admission from last year. Please
disregard that message. You will be given explicit instructions later this
summer about registration. The Registrar’s Office looks forward to working
with you then.

Office of the Registrar”